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Sprachcaffe Brighton - English School

By the end of the 18th century, the British Royal Family chose Brighton as their summer residence. That’s how this old fishermen town became the symbol of a glamorous and aristocratic world. Sprachcaffe Brighton - English School is lodged in an old remodeled mansion. 

In Brighton, Sprachcaffe offers lodging to the student in aparts (in single or double rooms, equipped with kitchen and bathroom, classified according to location and equipment); family houses, where the students accommodate in carefully selected family homes, in single or shared rooms, with half board (breakfast and supper); and in Languages PLUS Club, the Club Hotel of Sprachcaffe Languages PLUS. There the student can reserve single or double rooms with his own bathroom, in the same building occupied by the school. There are two categories: Club 1 offers rooms without a view to the sea, and Club 2 offers bigger rooms with a view to the sea.

The training center of Sprachcaffe Brighton - English School is located in a beautiful restored Edwardian building, located on the promenade, directly opposite the West Pier and also close to the splendid Grand Hotel. The courses are: Standard (4 daily lessons, 20 per week) or Intensive (6 daily lessons, 30 per week). It also offers preparatory Courses for Certificate Cambridge, and a one-to-one course, of 20 or 30 lessons per week of custom-built education. The maximum of students per class is 12.

Sprachcaffe Brighton - English School offers diverse social and cultural activities like visits to the Brighton Museum & Art Gallery in Church Street, with paintings of 3 centuries, archaeology and ethnology sections, and porcelains. It’s also possible to make trips to London (45 minutes in train), Handcross – on the way to London - with its famous gardens, or to go towards the Southeastern of Brighton, near Eastbournes Beachy Head, where are the famous "Seven Sisters" cliffs.