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Aspect Schools - Cambridge


Cambridge is a beautiful city, just one hour away in train from London. Is one of the older university centers of the United Kingdom, and is full of old beautiful buildings and peaceful parks. Aspect Cambridge is located in an Edwardian house with a great garden, to the west of the city. The school specializes in the preparation for Cambridge Exams. 

All the establishments offer, at least, two lodging options: host families or carefully selected university dorms, also private student residences, hotels or executive style apartments, depending on the place. 

Among the diverse lectures offered by this institute are: General English, intensive course, English for Businesses and exam preparation - TOEFL and Cambridge University Examination. They are flexible courses and offer a customized attention, with an average of 12 students by class. 

The diverse centers of Aspect offer social and sport activities, as cultural visits to the local attractions, museums, music, barbecues, films, sports or events.