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Totnes School

The academy is located in Totnes, a small town in the well-known English Riviera, surrounded by beautiful and interesting places to visit. The school is small, with a warm and folksy atmosphere, and an interesting program of social and cultural activities.

Students can choose between family houses, in single room in shared houses or flats, B & B (bed & breakfast), hotels or apartments rental.

Among the offered courses, there are general English, intensive minigroup, personalized courses and exam preparation courses. The general English course has 15 weekly hours of classes in reduced groups. The intensive minigroup has 19 weekly hours in groups of 2 to 4 students, and it’s imparted only for the superior levels. 

There are many social activities offered by the school like sports practice, cultural video sessions, tours, walks and celebrations, plus excursions, generally on Saturdays. Besides, all the programmed courses offer varied workshops, from creative writing and English Literature to guitar, percussion or dances, among others.