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Security in England: despite the crime wave increased since the end of the 80´s, the government has dedicated a long time and great amounts of money to the implementation of preventive programs, including a greater police presence in the streets.

Safe Cities: this is a test program (so far it has been proved in 20 English cities): an association between public and private organizations, that elaborate a scheme of actions aiming to reduce the delinquency, diminish the fear levels and create true safe cities.

Police action: among the diverse plans aiming to improve the police work, it was implemented a specialized training to obtain good levels of empathy and understanding between the public and the police. One of the methods consists in the selection of police officers that stay permanently in one area so they can be recognized by the community and can also identify and know the priorities of each place. There were also officers specialized to work in schools interviewing the youngsters to inform them on the risks associated to delinquency and to identify the main issues on violence and scholastic delinquency.

Some security tips: Those travelers wishing to have a journey without problems, please follow these simple and basic rules:
* the best way to handle the money is through traveler checks, and to change them according to the everyday needs.
* as far as possible, leave the valuable articles (jewelry, traveler checks, credit cards, airplane tickets, etc) in the hotel safe-deposit box. It’s also possible to find companies offering a safe-deposit boxes service in the Yellow Pages.
* don’t leave luggage in a car without guard.
* take a trip insurance to cover the expenses of any loss or robbery that you could have.