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Student Visa
: Those who wish to study in the United Kingdom must fulfill the following requirements: a valid Passport, documents proving their inscription in an educative establishment and proof of the necessary financial resources for living and lodging in the country, without having to apply to a job or local public scholarships. Visas are necessary for all the foreign students, with exception of the residents of the United States of America, the European Union, Australia and South Africa.

Getting the visa: the students must contact the embassy or British mission in their country of origin, with the passport and two recent id photos, plus a lodging certificate in the UK, financial certification and the documents confirming the inscription to the university. 
They must also pay the visa, which varies according to the country: the payment must be done in the local currency. In some cases a medical certificate can also be solicited to those students original of countries that present sanitary risks. The procedure time of the visa depends on the nationality of the applicant.

Work: The foreign students must consider that the working possibilities are limited to jobs with a maximum of 20 hours weekly, in a part time or temporary work.

More details: For more information on visas, you can consult in the UK Foreign Affairs office. The complete list of the countries that need visa to enter the territory of the United Kingdom can be found in the web site of the British Embassy in New Zealand.
A passport is not required to travel between England and Ireland, the North of Ireland, the Channel Islands or the Island of Man.