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ELI London

Learning English in London is, without any doubt, one of the best ways to do it. The ELI institute is located in the center of this city, and is part of the London City College and the Schiller University.

ELI London offers to their students the following lodging options: a host family lodging program or the ELI campus in Royal Waterloo House. 

The ELI English general course have 20 weekly hours of classes, covering all the language areas, recommended for students who want to participate in a 2 to 8 weeks course. There are also intensive courses, individual and group classes, and exam preparation courses.

ELI emphasizes the importance of a social and recreational activities program. Cultural visits to interesting museums and tourist routes are some of these activities. For an additional fee, a wide range of other activities and trips are available: nights out in bars, restaurants or discotheques and musical comedies or shows. In addition, whole day and weekend trips through England are organized to discover its rich historical patrimony.