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OISE London

In London, the OISE school is lodged by a comfortable and beautiful building located near the British Museum, at walking distance from Covent Garden, the theater district, and the Thames River, among other city attractions.

The lodging possibilities offered by the school include host families and, for those students wishing more privacy, a list of hotels selected by the school.

All the OISE courses are based on the development of the four basic skills in a language study: speaking, listening, reading and writing. The levels go from beginners to advanced, and each student will be assigned to one of those courses after the level test. The courses can be of 25 weekly classes; 25 classes and 10 lessons with a tutor per week; 15 weekly classes, 10 lessons with a tutor and 10 seminaries; 15 weekly classes and 10 seminaries or 20 weekly lessons with a tutor and 10 seminaries. 

The school has a social and cultural activities program that includes visits to museums and theaters, tours by the city, pubs and cafes, Saturday’s trips and more.