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Wimbledon School

Wimbledon School was founded in 1964, and is located in the center of the attractive London suburb of Wimbledon, in a beautiful building surrounded by a great garden and with comfortable facilities.

The school offers three lodging possibilities: in a family house, a student residence or in a hotel, all in the school surroundings. 

The school offers 7 levels English courses, from beginners to advanced (Proficiency level). The courses have 20 hours weekly, and are aimed to improve the students yield in the grammar and vocabulary areas, to speak and to understand the language. The students have two daily hours of homework, as a form to continue their learning while they are not in class.

The social and sport activities program of the school includes nightly school events, tours to famous places (Cambridge, Brighton, and Stratford-upon-Avon among others), going out to discotheques, and a wide variety of opportunities to practice sports like squash, badminton, tennis, volley, soccer and bowling.