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Albion International

Oxford is a city famous by its cultural and educative inheritance. It is an inspiring place for study - medieval universities, beautiful gardens, famous libraries and book stores. The Center is in the heart of Oxford, less than one hour away by train from the London Heathrow Airport. Students of several countries participate in the Center, from short and long term programs.



Most of the students choose to stay with an English family, an option that offers a friendly and safe atmosphere, plus the opportunity to practice the language. 

The family generally offers breakfast and supper, with lunch on the weekends, and the students have their own room, unless they choose to share it with a friend. The families are carefully selected by the school. In case the student doesn’t want to stay with a family, there’s also the possibility to lodge in a hotel.


The classes are dictated in small groups or individual. The levels go from beginners to advanced. An initial Test is taken to know the best level for each student. General English programs include work in all the aspects of the language - conversation, writing, reading and listening comprehension.

In the Intensive English program, students can also choose the exam preparation classes or the Business English specialization. There are also schools preparation courses.



The Center has a social activities program during the year, including picnics, visits to theaters, international nights and several sports practices. In July and August, there are weekly trips to Stratford, London, Bath, and other English cities.