English in England Learn English in England

College of International Education


The school is placed in Oxford, a perfect place to study, full of cultural activities that make unique the educative experience. The school has the support of the international educative group UTS.

The school offers two lodging possibilities: a host family residence, which means a good opportunity to adapt to the British culture and an apartment to rent, for those students who wish a greater independence. 

The school has 5 learning levels of English, from basic to advanced with an average of 6 students per class, never more than 12. The classes are based on the attainment of 4 issues: listening, speaking, reading and writing comprehension. The students who take the General Course can choose between individual or group education, or a combination of both. All the courses include the academic materials. They also have a variety of exam preparation courses, including UCLES and TOEFL.

The school has different recreational programs, social and sport activities throughout the year. During July and August there are all weekend optional trips to Stratford, London Bath, Stonehenge and other interesting places.